ASAP’s Passport Assets, Complete Asset, and Item Tracking Software

ASAP’s Passport Assets is complete bar code-based and RFID capable Asset Tracking Software that is user configurable and provides numerous tools for many different asset management applications and environments. Passport Assets allows users to track vehicles, employees, equipment, and other items with one complete asset and item tracking software package.

Asset Tracking Software Applications

Configurable Asset Tracking Software

Comprehensive Asset Tracking Software

Regardless of the need Passport Assets is comprehensive Asset and Item Tracking Software providing valuable control. Applications for tracking depreciable assets, employees, vehicles, equipment, or other items can all use Passport Assets to meet requirements and improve asset tracking. ASAP has developed very effective asset-tracking software with many add-on modules to enhance Asset Management.

Benefits and Features

Available Modules for ASAP Passport Assets

ASAP Systems designed Passport Assets with the ability to add on additional modules in order to allow for easier customization of their item tracking software and provide advanced asset management solutions. Below is a list of available add-on modules for Passport Assets. Modules may be included in the standard Passport Assets License; any add additional modules that are not included are not required in order for Passport Assets to function.

  • Advanced Security – Expanded role-based security. Passport administrators have the ability to create Security Groups that set up functional roles and capabilities within the system.
  • Asset Depreciation –Distributes the cost of an asset over its lifespan, resulting in adjustments to its book value and providing a depreciation expense. Improves the base asset management software with standard and customizable depreciation methods as well as reporting functions and other features.
  • Data Import – Provides an easy-to-use wizard to import data from text, CSV, or Excel files into Passport Assets. Allows users to easily transfer existing records and systems into the new item and Asset tracking software.
  • Email & Text Alerts – Allows users to set alerts to be sent via SMS text message to their mobile phone or email address. Improve visibility and responsiveness for all item-tracking applications.
  • Maintenance – Schedule, perform and record maintenance procedures. Improve auditing and asset management of items with maintenance requirements. Increase asset lifespan and improve item tracking to reduce overall asset management costs.
  • QuickBooks Integration – Bar code-based extension of your QuickBooks, Passport fully integrates with QuickBooks 2007 and greater for QuickBooks Pro, QuickBooks Premier, and QuickBooks Enterprise versions. Integrate ASAP’s asset tracking software to QuickBooks for accounting and financial benefits.
  • RFID – Asset tracking and serialized item tracking with RFID technology. Passport is RFID ready to enhance asset management processes with powerful and advanced Radio Frequency Identification Technology.

Many More Modules available to enhance Asset Management