WiNG TW-522 Wall Plate

You need to provide in-room Wi-Fi access in your large campus
environment — but the cost of installing a WLAN that can deliver
dependable service in hotel rooms, dorm rooms, or assisted living
apartments has been prohibitive. Now, you can provide high-speed WiFi
services and more in the largest campus-style environments quickly,
easily, and cost-effectively with the TW-522. An integral component in
the Extreme Networks T5 system, the TW-522 delivers high-performance
Wi-Fi access over your existing in-room telephone line — no CAT5 cabling
required. With 802.11ac, you get maximum speed and maximum bandwidth
to support all of your users and all of their many mobile devices. And the
TW-522 installs in minutes, right over the existing wall plate. The TW-522
— the easy way to deliver high-speed in-room Wi-Fi service in record time —
with minimal costs