WiNG AP 8163

Break through your walls and extend your wireless LAN (WLAN) outdoors
with the ExtremeWireless WiNG AP 8163. This rugged access point is
purpose-built inside and out to enable easy extension of robust wireless
connectivity to workers in outdoor spaces. On the outside is a housing
designed to handle virtually any weather conditions. On the inside, three
radios give you the power and fl exibility to handle today’s bandwidth-heavy
applications and secure your data — without purchasing and managing an
additional layer of equipment. Each of the two 802.11n radios can support
either the 2.4 GHz or 5 GHz band, providing the fl exibility to segment traffi c
as needed to maximize network and application performance. The third
band-unlocked radio can be used to help increase security and network
uptime as either a dedicated sensor for a Wireless Intrusion Prevention
System (WIPS), enabling around-the-clock rogue detection, or as a Scan
Ahead radio that can fi nd clean channels and eliminate network outages
due to radar interference in the 5 GHz band. And with high-powered radios,
you’ll experience greater capacity and better network performance with
fewer access points, eff ectively reducing the cost of your wireless LAN.
With the AP 8163, whether your workers are viewing technical schematics,
placing a video call to get on-the-spot assistance with a task, or accessing
an inventory application, you’ll have the bandwidth you need to continually
exceed their performance expectations — with the integrated around-theclock
monitoring required to keep your network safe.