WiNG AP 7502 Wall Plate

Easily Deliver Cost-Effective High-Performance Wireless
Connectivity in Public-Facing Micro-Cell Environments
Whether you are responsible for a hotel, an assisted living facility, dormitory
housing, or an apartment complex, you are challenged with providing highspeed
Internet access in a challenging environment with many
rooms—rooms with RF-blocking walls, floors, and doors. You need a costeffective
way to provide the dependable desktop-style wireless speeds your
users expect in-room on however many consumer mobile devices they may
own—including 2.4 GHz and the newer 5 GHz smartphones and tablets. To
further complicate the challenge, today’s users are watching videos, making
video calls, and posting on multimedia-heavy social networking websites
on their mobile devices — all bandwidth-heavy applications that require a
latency—and jitter-free connection.