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Grow Your Business by Perfecting the Last Mile

E-commerce is more accessible than ever before. Subsequently, there has been a race to meet the rising demand for last-mile delivery services. Competition and customer expectations have raised the bar considerably.

How do Couriers respond to rapidly growing volume while surpassing the competition?

BCI and ShipTrack: A Winning Team for Last-Mile Couriers

Consumers today demand fast and secure delivery, guided by real-time tracking information. Couriers that underperform risk losing business compared to more streamlined competitors. That is why Bar Code Integrators has teamed up with industry leaders, ShipTrack and Zebra Technologies to create a simple and cost-effective solution, specifically designed to automate and optimize your Last Mile Delivery. Our solution empowers Couriers with the ability to provide real-time tracking information, while gaining several back-end technologies to enhance and grow your business.

Here’s how it works: The ShipTrack solution from BCI provides a variety of resources — a mobile app, self-serve portal, dispatch portal and administration, and tracking pages — which connect to internal databases that provide order information, status updates, PODs, and other information in an enterprise resource planning (ERP) system. These tools permit ShipTrack clients to do everything effortlessly and optimally; from order management to dispatch, and route optimization to proof of delivery — all in a paperless environment.

At BCI, we are Delivery Tracking Specialists! We will deliver a complete All-in-One solution that is customized to meet your specific needs and budget. The ShipTrack solution from BCI is affordable, easy to implement, and provides several benefits, including:

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last mile delivery hardware
last mile delivery hardware
last mile delivery hardware