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Label Supplies

Bar Code Labels - Supplies for Thermal and Laser Label Printing

Bar Codes are everywhere! Chances are that your company has to print bar codes labels of some sort. Whether you prefer Zebra branded labeling supplies or BCI’s high-quality private labels, we have numerous stock label sizes ready for same day shipping.

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BCI offers a complete selection of bar code labels, label printer ribbons and other bar code supplies. Including permanent bar code labels, a large selection of stock label printer ribbon, stock sizes of bar code labels, pre-printed and blank asset tags, and label printer print heads.

BCI’s dedicated staff will help make finding the right bar code supplies or asset tag at the best possible price.

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Bar Code Labels and Tags

Bar code supplies come in a vast selection of materials for thermal transfer and direct thermal  bar code labels and tags.  BCI has the flexibility to meet the requirements of most applications and budgets.

Our offering of bar code supplies include:

  • Over 100 paper and synthetic materials for bar code labels and tags.
  • 400+ stock bar code supplies ready to ship.
  • UL/cUL and CSA approved materials.

If you are not able to meet your requirements with stock bar code supplies, then BCI will work closely with you to find the best possible prices on custom bar code supplies.

Thermal Label Printer Ribbon

Quality label printer ribbon is available in wax, wax-resin and resin formulations to meet the requirements of your application.  BCI offers an extensive selection of ribbon sizes and types.

  • Wax ribbon is ideal for standard label printing on paper materials.
  • Wax/Resin ribbons provide excellent durability against chemicals on paper and synthetic bar code supplies.
  • Resin ribbons provide ultimate durability against chemicals and heat on synthetics.

Bar Code Labels, Tags and Label Printer Ribbon Details

Below you will find a informative information regarding bar code supplies.  First a chart on bar code labels and tag material types followed by a chart with details on label printer ribbon types.

BCI can provide UL/cUL & CSA Certified Material

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