Optimize Your Lab Sample Delivery, Transport, and Tracking

Overcoming Your Biggest Specimen Handling and Transportation Challenges

When the COVID-19 pandemic struck, the supply chain infrastructure for lab sample collection and tracking systems were unable to meet skyrocketing demands. Even today, as we move towards the development and distribution of a vaccine, the systems in place can't handle the tens of thousands of deliveries, and their associated data, taken each day. Unprecedented times require unprecedented measures, and ShipTrack — the world's most innovative and scalable logistics management platform — provides them. Pairing our innovative software with barcode scanners is a forward-thinking, affordable, and easily implemented solution for healthcare systems to leverage and solve their biggest challenges. Barcode Scanners Equipped with ShipTrack Provide:

The Added Benefits of Implementing ShipTrack

How fast, reliable, and effective your medical distribution, transport, and tracking is greatly depends on the technology and software used throughout the chain of custody. Our cloud-based software is easily integrated into Apple and Android devices. It is also configurable to fit your workflows and offers an intuitive, ergonomic interface that workforces adopt quickly. Patient-facing healthcare workers, medical couriers, and lab technicians who leverage ShipTrack see significantly fewer data-collection errors, streamlined workflows, reduced labor and research costs, and drastically lowered risk for costly data breaches. All of which contribute to a more efficient and profitable business.

Barcode Scanners Equipped with ShipTrack Provide:

ShipTrack(s) Benefits

  • Quick Implementation and Go Live
  • ShipTrack is quickly, easily, and affordably implemented, and our experienced staff can have you up and running in as little as a few days. Our software runs on Android devices like the quality units with barcode scanner shown from Zebra, and deployment requires no coding, making it as simple as flipping a switch. Our team simply configures devices so you can build the workflows that meet your unique business needs. And our intuitive, easy-to-use mobile application makes user onboarding quick and painless.
  • Anonymous Data Collection
  • With ShipTrack, specimen and data collection are completely anonymous. Patients are associated with a randomized barcode in their medical records. This unique barcode makes it easy to identify, track, and manage samples. It also gives nearly instantaneous access to patient data, eliminating the burden of searching through paper records.
  • Automated Chain of Custody, Proof of Delivery, and Digital Workflows
  • Our software gives each link of the custody chain complete, real-time visibility and traceability into shipments' status. This expedites delivery timelines through driver-hub communication and route optimization. These tools, working congruently with automated proof-of-delivery, ensure that corrective actions can be administered and automatically documented when obstacles are encountered. And digital workflows eliminate the burdens of human error and labor costs. Pairing automated workflows with robust online reporting and the ability to implement key performance indicators (KPIs) allows you to monitor performance in real-time.
  • Operational Visibility
  • Tracking shipments with spreadsheets doesn't provide real-time visibility into your operations and workflows. ShipTrack gives you full operational visibility, letting you know who is where, with what assets, what they're doing, and when they're doing it. This real-time visibility into your operations allows you to make better, operational, data-driven decisions faster.

    Key Features

    Software Configuration and Installation

    The logistics of sample tracking lab specimen and distributing it successfully requires the right combination of software and hardware. Let BCI and Ship Track pave the way with best of breed technology specifically designed to optimize your supply chain from end to end.

    The Hardware That meets Demand

    COVID-19 has moved quickly, testing all supply chain management systems, one thing that we have learned is the infrastructure for lab sample tracking needs a physical upgrade. As we begin to adapt to new testing methods and increase in demand, it is essential to have the best hardware to optimize the efficiency of your operation. When you choose the Zebra TC52x/TC57x, you get our best-selling TC52/TC57 rugged handheld mobile computer — and more.

    Information on the Zebra TC52/TC57 Mobile Computers

    Zebra Benefits

    If you would like a Live Demonstration of the Ship Track Solution click here: Request a Demo with Ship Track or simply push the button to go to the Ship Track site. Our dedicated tracking manager at 847-615-2933 ext 107 or today to start our easy setup process or get more information of our lab specimen software tracking applications.