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Mobile Computers

At one point people were tied down by computer connections that greatly limited the flexibility and use of computing technology. Today, computers are more mobile than ever before. Computers can go with us on the road and connect to our WLAN so that employees are constantly connected.

 The Benefits and Uses of Our Handheld Computers

Handheld computers are an essential piece of equipment for many companies. A handheld computer allows employees to move about freely while staying connected to the data and information they need.

Wireless Connectivity

The most important feature of handheld computers is wireless connectivity. Computers are programmed to connect to a variety of operating systems and utilize Bluetooth technology.

Voice and Data Communication

Many handheld computers allow mobile workers to communicate with your facility through both voice and data. Some products are voice recognition ready for even more efficient use. Employees can also capture data by simply scanning.

Improved Efficiency in the Field

Handheld computers are commonly used by employees working out in the field while making deliveries and pick ups. A handheld computer allows them to be more proficient and improves customer interaction. This in turn helps to increase customer retention and revenue.


These handheld computers feature a rugged design that makes them suitable for a wide variety of working environments. They include design specs like IP67 sealing, thermal shock resistance and concrete drop resistance. Some computers can even be fully immersed in water without being affected.

Light and Compact

Don’t let the weight of a handheld computer fool you. These durable products are designed to be lightweight and compact so that they are easier to use and transport.

Increased Productivity

All of these features improve productivity by making it easier for employees to get their jobs done. The essentials are packed into a single device that can go where your employees go.

Mobile handheld computers are an excellent addition for any business in the manufacturing, distribution and warehousing industry. Contact BCI today for personal assistance selecting the best mobile computer products for your business.

Mobile Computer Products From Top Manufacturers

At BCI we’ve partnered with the best-in-class businesses that are leading the way in mobile computer technology. Our mobile computer product selection includes brands like Motorola, Zebra and Datalogic just to name a few. These are the mobile computer manufacturers that have created a solid reputation by continually producing superior products that are designed to increase productivity.
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