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Industrial Fixed Scanners

Choose Your Next Fixed Mount Barcode Scanner

Find an Industrial Scanner That Delivers High-Volume Scanning

in Any Environment            

Bar Code Integrators offers a vast selection of fixed barcode scanner products. A fixed mount barcode scanner can be permanently installed to make barcode scanning faster and easier.

The benefits of a fixed industrial barcode scanner include:

  •      Hands-free – Scanning is easier and more convenient.
  •      High volume – When you need to scan a large number of barcodes quickly, a fixed barcode scanner is an ideal option.
  •      Space saving – Many fixed industrial scanners have a small footprint.

Our industrial scanners are durable enough to be used in a wide variety of conditions. This makes them ideal for use within the warehousing, transportation, distribution and manufacturing industries. They can be used at a kiosk or on an assembly line, providing exemplary performance in either situation.

Need help selecting the right fixed mount barcode scanner for your business? Call us at (847) 615-2933 for personal assistance from one of our experts.

High Quality Fixed Barcode Scanners From the Best in the Business

We’ve built partnerships with the top industrial scanner manufacturers to bring our customers the best products at the most competitive prices. You’ll get great deals on industrial scanners from:

  •      Accu-Sort
  •      Datalogic
  •      Microscan
  •      Stratos

From high-resolution zooming features to plug-in-play connectivity, industrial scanners from these manufacturers come with everything you need to scan quickly and accurately every time.

Browse the fixed mount barcode scanner selection below to learn more about the unique capabilities of each product. If you still have questions our knowledgeable team of experts is just a call away.

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