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Motorola RD5000

The Motorola RD5000 Mobile RFID Reader


Motorola’s RD5000 is a mobile RFID reader.  It is wireless, compact, and can be installed almost anywhere.  In a warehouse it can be seen fixed on forklifts, clamp trucks, wheeled carts, or even fixed onto the wall or shelving unit.  The RD5000 can be used in one location for a certain application one day and then moved to an differently location for a different application the next.

The RD5000 is truly mobile as it is a wireless RFID reader adn it can go places where a corded reader would not be practical.  The RD5000 is rugged and compact, passing a 30 in drop to concrete specification and repetitive shock tests of over 3,500 70-g shocks and 21,600 60-g shocks.  The ruggedness and flexibility make the RD5000 a great fit for warehousing.  Forklifts with VC5090 mounted mobile computers can easily integrate the RD5000 for quick RFID capability.

The RD5000 uses the batteries and charges as the MC9000 Series which will dramatically reduce the investment of companies already using these units such as the MC9500-K mobile Computer.

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NO Cables – The RD5000 is 100% free of power, network, and antenna cords.  This allows for RFID read points to be easly established in areas not previously feasable, thus expanding product visibility and improving productivity.

Integrated 802.11a/b/g WLAN radios – Motorola’s RD5000 has a flexible and reliable connection with wireless LAN providing real-time inventory visibility.

Integrated Bluetooth Technology – With Bluetooth capability the RD5000 and mobile computer (vehicle mounted, hand-held, etc) can communicate wirelessly and will ensure a constant connection to the mobile computer even when WLAN connection is lost.

Rugged – IP66 sealing against dust and jets of water.  Also passed a 30 in drop to concrete specification, and repetitive shock testing.


For a complete list of product specifications please view the PDF – “Motorola RD5000 Mobile RFID Reader Brochure”


BCI provides all accessory products for the RD5000 for a complete list of accessories please go this page on the Motorola Website.

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