BCI can help ensure your Warehouse Management System (WMS) will provide increased inventory accuracy, lower labor costs, and a more extraordinary ability to service customers by reducing cycle times. Our WMS solutions will not only improve productivity and customer service but will also improve standard procedures such as:

• First-in-first-out
• Cross-docking
• Automated pick replenishment
• Wave picking
• Lot tracking
• Yard management
• Automated data collection

This is just a tiny sampling of how you can improve productivity at your facility. BCI provides a full suite of barcode, RFID and warehouse software solutions that empower employees to quickly and accurately perform warehouse transactions.

Benefits of Integrating WMS Solutions

As with the implementation of any warehouse software, the keys to success for WMS solutions are testing, training, and continuous evaluation. BCI and our partners have proven our ability to work closely with clients to ensure the successful implementation of WMS solutions. We have the experience needed to handle warehousing software integration for businesses of all sizes.

The benefits of WMS solutions can be enormous. They will enhance your company’s ability to serve a market by:

• Improving inventory accuracy
• Increasing inventory turnover
• Lowering inventory levels
• Improving order throughput
• Reducing response times
• Improving real-time visibility

By improving your warehouse management system you’re better equipped to deal with a complicated, continuous stream of details. With our help, your warehouse management system will be optimized and put your company in a position to boost productivity and profit margins.

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Stay-Linked Administrator


An integral part of the Stay-Linked solution is the Stay-Linked Administrator, a powerful GUI-based console that can be installed on any network-connected Windows-based computer.



Ivanti is a comprehensive vendor agnostic wireless infrastructure and device management solution that provides tremendous visibility and control from a central console.

Stay-Linked Device Management

42 Gears

Available as a separately licensed component, Stay-Linked Device Management includes an OEM version of Odyssey Software’s industry-standard Athena client software.