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Thank you for your interest.

BCI has the ability to provide hardware and software quotes or a project proposal.

If you simply need pricing on a specific hardware or software please specify model numbers, part numbers, and quantities if possible.

For project prosals a BCI project manager will work with you to determine your needs and then will generate a propose specificying hardware, software, professional services to meet those needs. The propose will provide pricing and details for each hardware, software and service item. There is no fee for generating a proposal. In some cases a System Requirements Definition (SRD) may be required before a proper proposal with project cost estimates can be delivered.

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Warehouse Slotting Software

Make your Warehouse Feel Bigger
Prevent Costly Expansion
Slotting Optimization by BCI

Printhead Protection Head

Zebra Printhead

Earn FREE PRINTHEADS for the entire life of your Zebra Thermal Printers.

  • Commit to purchasing Zebra Media
  • Receive FREE Zebra Printheads
  • Extend Printer Life
  • Improve Printing Quality
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