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Label Supplies Quote Request

Label Supplies Quote Request

This form covers a series of questions that will help us to prepare a label media quote.

Please take a moment to fill out any pertinent fields below.
If a field does not apply to your needs or you are unsure, please leave it blank.
When you are finished please click on the Submit button.

Typical Specifications for Roll Labels

  • 1/8″ Gap between Labels
  • 3″ Core
  • 8″ Outer Diameter (O.D.)
  • General purpose permanent adhesive
  • Perfereation between each label
  • Rolls are wound out
Label Specs

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First Name:*

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Printer(s) Make and Model:*

Label Size(s) (W x H, Across):*

Label Type:*

Thermal Transfer (TT)Direct Thermal (DT)

Labels or Tags:*

Labels (Adhesive)Tags (No Adhesive)

Adhesive (If applicable):


Adheres to what material?:*

Application Temperature:*

Below 32 degrees F32 - 50 degrees FAbove 50 degrees F


PerforatedNot Perforated

Form Type:*

RollsFan Folds

Roll Wound Direction:*

Wound InWound Out

Roll Core Size(s):*


Roll Outer Diameter (OD):*


Label Quantity to Quote:*

Ribbon Type:*


Ribbon Quantity to Quote:*


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