Intellitrack Check In-Out

Tracking Software for Circulating Inventory

IntelliTrack’s Check In-Out tracking software provides an efficient and cost-effective method to track circulating assets and consumable inventory within a company or department by utilizing mobile computers, such as PDAs or PDTs, to scan barcodes. IntelliTrack Check In-Out collects and stores user IDs, both consumable and circulating items, locations, and quantities. In addition, Check In-Out completes routine physical inventories, manages a perpetual inventory and tracks items checked out by employees and/or customers. It also provides for maintenance and calibration, cost tracking, and item ID receiving to keep your inventory transactions efficient. IntelliTrack Check In-Out contains user-customizable fields allowing the user to specify the naming of each field using their business terminology. The software generates user-customized reports, and logs that keep a history of the receipt, movement, and issuance of inventory .

Check In-Out software has been successfully deployed by many business and government organizations, including fire department equipment tracking, education and institutional property tracking,EMS equipment tracking, military asset tracking, tool tracking, and law enforcement and evidence tracking.

Features of IntelliTrack DMS Check In-Out Tracking Software:

IntelliTrack® DMS: Check In-Out is available with the following optional modules:

IntelliTrack DMS is available in a Lite version for smaller inventories. DMS Lite Software allows you to benefit from the full software version for half the cost. Check In-Out Lite and Fixed Assets Lite are limited to 500 items in inventory at a time and do not include wireless features. Stockroom Lite and Inventory Lite are limited to 100 items in inventory and do not include wireless features. Click here to learn more.

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