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Zebra Technologies Industrial Thermal Printers Review

At Bar Code Integrators we strive to provide the best bar code solutions for every application. That starts with utilizing high-quality printers that can produce great results consistently and reliably.

Zebra Technologies is one of our most trusted brands when it comes to thermal transfer and direct thermal printing used in creating labels. We use them for our own bar coding printing and recommend their printers to clients that need to add a bar code printer to their in-house operation. Keep reading to learn why Zebra Technologies is considered an industry leader in thermal printing technology.

Years of Experience and Proven Results

Zebra Technologies has been in operation for 47 years. During that time they have built a business that now has locations in 81 countries and thousands of highly skilled employees. Every printer they make is a product of decades of experience and research.

Their thermal printers have become so well known for providing consistently superior results that 95% of Fortune 500 companies now use their products.

Investment in New Technology

Printing is a highly technical field that utilizes specialized equipment and materials. Zebra Technologies is one of the innovators that are creating the tools needed for the latest printing techniques. In fact, Zebra Technologies created the very first thermal printer for on-demand bar code labeling in 1986. Since then their name has become synonymous with thermal printers.

Zebra Technologies is essentially the Apple of thermal printers. Zebra Technologies has invested in five innovation and design centers that have produced over 4,000 patents. Their continual investment in R&D ensures that customers are able to take advantage of the latest technologies like automated and wireless data collection. You’ll also get equipment that offers relevant solutions for today’s business needs.

Printers That Are Built to Last

Incorporating the latest technology along with timeless mechanics helps to future-proof Zebra Technologies’ thermal printers. Their rugged design and durable components also help these printers stand the test of time.

Even in the harshest industrial environments the company’s thermal printers will offer optimal performance. You’ll get high print speeds that pump out labels with crisp, highly saturated text and graphics in all operating conditions. Zebra Technologies printers are so durable that the company offers repair and replacement products for discontinued machines.

Diverse Selection for Every Printing Application

Meeting the needs of businesses across an array of industries requires more than a one-size-fits-all solution. With that in mind, Zebra Technologies has developed a wide range of thermal printers that can be used to create a variety of assets that improve productivity, quality and profitability.

Their thermal transfer product line includes printers that can print in black and white or color to better represent a brand and perform in a variety of situations. They have even developed mobile thermal transfer printers that allow you to print from any location. Currently their thermal printer product line includes:

  • Industrial grade printers
  • Desktop printers
  • Mobile printers

All of Zebra Technologies’ printers are designed to work seamlessly with their other products for an end-to-end solution that saves time and improves quality. If you are looking for an all-inclusive label printing solution Zebra Technologies has everything you need.

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