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How Bar Code Solutions Can Help Both Small Businesses and Enterprises

Data is essential for any business no matter how large or small it is. Data collection can be as basic as a customer feedback survey or a more complex RFID system with wireless data collection. Some data is big while other data is minute, and both can help a business increase its profitability.

Data from bar code solutions can help businesses across a wide variety of industries by providing a deeper level of understanding in regards to tracking, inventory management and much more. These aren’t the simple bar codes you see on products in the store. A bar code system offers very detailed, real time information that is specific to your business and easy to implement.

Below are just some of the top reasons why companies from small businesses to enterprises choose to use a bar code solution.

Extremely Affordable

Bar codes are one of the cheapest ways to gather data and streamline your in-house processes. For less than a penny you can add a trackable bar code that will more than pay for itself from the first time it’s scanned. The hardware and software needed to read bar codes is also highly affordable, especially when compared to other similar solutions.

Bar code solutions can also save your business money by replacing antiquated paper-based systems that cost more to manage.

Tracking at All Stages

Whether goods are in a warehouse or traveling down the road, one of the top reasons companies use bar codes is to track items. Being able to scan an item’s bar code is an extremely easy way to note where it is at any given time. The data is automatically captured and logged with one swipe.

Easy Inventory Management

Inventory is a mundane task, but it’s a necessity for any company. Imagine trying to process an order only to learn that the products you need aren’t in stock. The tracking aspect of bar code systems makes inventory management much easier and less time intensive.

Accurate Asset Management

Assets of every kind can be managed and monitored with a new level of accuracy when a bar code solution is implemented. Whether it is office equipment or raw materials needed for production, your assets can be identified and the information can automatically be added to asset management systems, spreadsheets, etc. Enterprise resource planning can also be fully supported by a bar code solution so you get a better return on your investment.

Increased Productivity

Time is money in business. Any solution that makes processes faster or easier are going to save you money in the long run. Instead of manually handling tracking and inventory a quick scan is all it takes to collect and document data.

Reduction in Errors

In addition to getting more done in less time, bar code solutions also reduce the number of errors that occur. Someone who is implementing data manually is bound to make errors at some point. Even highly experienced typists will make at least one mistake for every 300 characters that are inputted. With a bar code solution the scan makes data entry error-proof.

In short, a bar code solution is a sound investment for any business because it helps you know where everything is at any given time. It gives you a high level view that can be drilled down to a single item. Bar code solutions is one of the services that Bar Code Integrators Inc. does best. We have helped companies in various industries by implementing customized bar code systems that meet specific goals. Give us a call today to learn how we can help you keep track of your assets, increase productivity and reduce costs.

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