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Bar Code Scanner Guide: How to Choose From BCI’s Selection

Technology is making it easier and easier to get more and more done. A hands free bar code scanner is the perfect example. With this one piece of equipment you can scan bar codes and collect data much faster, plus you get more things done since your hands aren’t preoccupied.

As with every piece of equipment you buy for your business, hands free scanners are an investment that can increase profitability by improving productivity. This guide provides an overview of what to consider before buying your next bar code scanner to make sure it will enhance your business.

9 Things to Look for in a Hands Free Scanner

Each customer will have unique needs for a hands free bar code scanner, but below are some of the most common features that people look for at Bar Code Integrators.

Price point – For many people staying within a certain price point is a top priority. At Bar Code Integrators we offer equipment that fits almost any budget so businesses of all sizes can maximize their productivity.

Type of Codes That Can Be Decoded – Each bar code scanner is programmed to read certain types of codes. Some read a variety while others are highly specialized. Products that have a 2D imager are going to be more inclusive than 1D options.

Size – In some situations counterspace is at a premium and a small hands free scanner will get the job done just as well as a larger option.

Number of simultaneous scans – Some businesses, like a grocery store, need to scan items one at a time whereas others benefit from the speed of simultaneous scans. If a bar code scanner is capable of simultaneous reads make sure you know how the data gets cataloged and if you can make adjustments.

Durability – Some working environments can be harsh and equipment has to be rugged if it’s going to last. Consider the materials used to construct the scanner, whether it’s dust-proof and the manufacturer to determine how durable it will likely be.

Form Factor and Mounting Options – There are several types of hands free scanners on the market. They include: presentation, in-counter and fixed. How fixed and presentation scanners are mounted is going to significantly influence the ease of use and general usability.

Scan Direction – Some hands free scanners are omnidirectional meaning they can pick up codes no matter what the orientation or angle is by sending out a pattern of beams in all directions. A single-line scanner on the other hand sends out a straight beam and is more exact.

Distance of Scanning – In a retail setting items need to be scanned at a close distance, but some scanners are capable of reading codes from several yards away.

System Compatibility – Some scanners are more flexible than others in regards to compatible systems.
If you need help selecting the best bar code scanner for a specific application give Bar Code Integrators a call. Our experts are happy to make suggestions based on your industry, current systems and needs.

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