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7 Benefits BCI Gives Businesses Using Switches and Access Points

At BCI, Inc we take customer service just as seriously as the wireless systems we build. We first consider the people that will be using the network followed by the environment in which they well be working. If your company is using switches and access points to power a wireless network here are seven ways BCI, Inc can benefit your business.

1 – Keep You Better Connected

Access points and switches are an integral part of wireless networks. They keep all of your computers and devices connected so that everything works together. Our engineers are experts at assembling wireless local area networks (WLAN) that run efficiently. We’ll work on enhancing your network and extending the range while improving security so that your business is better connected. We can make it so that no matter where an employee goes in your office, building or warehouse they’ll be on the network at all times.

2 – Upgrade From a Hub

If you’re ready for a smarter, faster network it’s time to go from hubs to switches. Wireless switches receive and send information simultaneously, whereas hubs can only do one at a time. This significantly slows the system down. Switches can also read where data is coming from and where it needs to go so that information isn’t sent to every computer on the network.

3 – Expand Wireless Device Compatibility

Wireless access points make it possible for wireless devices to connect with your WLAN. Our team can take a look at the existing network to improve and increase connectivity with wireless devices.

4 – On-Site Surveying and Programming

When you hire BCI, Inc for the purpose of implementing wireless access points and switches you’re getting face-to-face service. We come out to your site to survey the workplace, see what is currently in place, figure out the best placement for access points and gain a firsthand understanding of your business’ needs.

5 – System Built Specifically for Your Environment

Because our engineers come to you, we’re able to custom build wireless networks based on the environmental factors. This allows us to fully understand the operation environment that the switches and access points will work in. We’ve created networks in all 50 states, Europe, Canada and Mexico. Our experience makes us uniquely equipped to know how hardware will perform in various elements and how to make adjustments accordingly.

6 – Thorough Testing and Documentation

Our engineers test both before and after installation of access points. Before the installation begins we’ll test the power supply and cabling. Afterwards we then test the coverage and ensure operation is perfect. If not, we’ll make adjustments until it is. Testing allows us to verify the setup is optimal for the operation needs of the business.

7 – Expert Training

Once everything is operational our job isn’t done. We also train your team on how to use and manage the wireless switches and access points.
If you’re looking to update your existing WLAN or build a new network, contact BCI, Inc today. We can discuss your needs and take the first step in developing a wireless network that will help your business increase productivity.

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