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Warehouse Slotting

Warehouse Slotting Optimization and Distribution Management Solutions

Warehouse slotting is the process of identifying the most efficient location for each item in a facility in order to optimize productivity. Proper warehouse slotting and optimization will depend on a facility’s unique product, movement, storage characteristics and distribution management needs.

Effective warehouse slotting will allow workers to pick items quicker and more accurately while reducing the risk of injuries. Overall the right warehouse slotting strategies will enhance distribution management.

Read more about the factors that affect Warehouse Slotting and Optimization.

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BCI's Warehouse Slotting Software

BCI’s highly comprehensive warehouse slotting software, WarehouseVision, determines product placement within distribution centers so that operational productivity, safety and space utilization are significantly improved. WarehouseVision contains sophisticated algorithms and flexible, user-defined slotting rules, which differentiate it from other warehouse slotting approaches.

This slotting and warehousing optimization tool is currently used by over 1,000 distribution centers, including many owned by PepsiCo and CVS.

WarehouseVision was created as result of numerous requirements from one of BCI’s longstanding customers, W. W. Grainger. The software was designed to automate distribution management procedures such as warehouse slotting, profiling and inventory maintenance. Over the course of a few years, WarehouseVision was enhanced and expanded to meet a wide range of demanding requirements at Grainger.

In 2003, WarehouseVision software was expanded further and ultimately brought to the general market as comprehensive warehouse slotting and operational productivity software for distribution management. Since its release, WarehouseVision has been used to provide warehouse optimization and enhance distribution management in many companies across the country.

Our Unique Approach to Slotting a Warehouse for Optimization

Many other warehouse slotting solutions focus on providing the user with a graphical presentation and require manual intervention to execute solutions. WarehouseVision works differently. It was developed to minimize manual intervention and deliver tools that are able to determine and test slotting strategies. Our slotting solution places an emphasis on user execution, adaptability and concise slotting optimization.

BCI’s warehouse slotting software enhances distribution management by placing an emphasis on the following areas:

  • Execution and adaptability to WMS and warehousing operational processes.
  • Integrating slotting into the normal day-to-day activities as much as possible.
  • Minimizing user interaction once the slotting strategy has been defined.
  • Set up rules and processes to execute automatically without user intervention.
  • Schedule alerts and email reports on continual basis.
  • Set up shortcuts for easy user interaction.
  • Monitor network capacity as well as individual warehouse capacity.
  • Create a dynamic slotting model that provides true warehouse simulation modeling.

We’re Your Flexible Slotting Solution

WarehouseVision can be utilized in a variety of different distribution management scenarios. Some of the most common include:

  • Building a new warehouse or expanding current facilities.
  • Running out of warehouse space to properly store products.
  • When storage systems do not meet inventory needs.
  • Needing to optimize picking and put away strategies.
  • High travel times are eating into your pick replenishment labor hours.
  • Low pick rates compared to industry standards.

See How WarehouseVision Can Dramatically Improve Your

Warehouse Slotting Optimization

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