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Wavelink TE

Wavelink Terminal Emulation Software

Wavelink Terminal Emulation software (Wavelink TE) is a highly comprehensive solution which allows users to access, manage, and maintain connections to applications residing on host systems. Wavelink’s emulator supports all the common terminal emulation types such as 5250, 3270, VT, and HP. Many competitive terminal emulators will only support a limited number of input types, while Wavelink TE supports numerous data types, and therefore Wavelink is commonly recommended by BCI’s engineers.

In addition, Wavelink’s software is vendor agnostic providing the broadest range of supported devices and OS platforms. Supported DOS and Windows Terminal Emulation in conjunction with effective integration with mobile computers provides the ability to receive data from keyboards, bar code scanners, voice inputs, RFID readers, magnetic strip readers, or touch screens.

BCI provides Wavelink licensing and also has trained engineer staff to install and configure the software. BCI is very familiar with Wavelink TE and will frequently recommend the software due to its easy navigation, and ability to improve effectiveness of various applications.

Warehouse Slotting Software

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Slotting Optimization by BCI

Wavelink ConnectPro

Improve worker efficiency by eliminating wireless connectivity problems with ConnectPro. This unique feature is only found with Wavelink TE and allows users to maintain connections even in very demanding environments.

ConnectPro server software will sit between the client and the host in order to maintain a steady connection to the host. Areas where wireless coverage is weak pose a threat of lost information for applications that require users to maintain constant connectivity. With ConnectPro the session will remain connected even if the device goes to sleep or the connection is lost. This allows devices to roam in and out of coverage areas, and survive device reboots or batter changes while maintaining application information.

Wavelink Industrial Browser

Many businesses find significant advantages from using web-based applications on their mobile devices.  Typically companies find that web-based applications offer simplified application development and enhanced on-screen data reporting.  Wavelink’s industrial browser is a managed solution supporting bar code and RFID technologies allowing companies to bring web-based applications to data collection hardware.

Wavelink’s Industrial Browser is a device independent solution offering great flexibility to users. Built to overcome many of the shortcomings you encounter with standard browsers shipped on many devices, it satisfies the most demanding environments. The Industrial Browser is another option for companies looking for ways to maximize productivity of mobile workers and reduce support and administration costs.

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