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SuperSSL is a SSL/TLS Tunneling Proxy and provides the capability to secure TCP socket connections by utilizing SSL/TLS cryptographic protocols.

Finally an enhanced and commercial alternative to STUNNEL offering increased security and ease of use!

For Example:

  • Telnet Support – RFC 2941 compliant (SSL-Telnet)
  • No unencrypted private key files stored on your disk
  • Unassisted startup capabilities through Windows Services
  • Graphical Configuration Tool

Use the SuperSSL Configuration Tool to:

  • Require client software to present specific certificates
  • Change SuperSSL port to a different port than 992
  • Import your own certificates for the SuperSSL
  • Instruct SuperSSL not to expect the client to use Telnet
  • Specify SSL/TLS Re-Negotiations for increased security

GSW SuperSSL works great with the GSW UTS (Telnet Server) but is not limited to the GSW UTS Server. SuperSSL will work with third party telnet servers too. Furthermore,  SuperSSL is not limited to telnet. Georgia SoftWorks SuperSSL provides a secure transparent channel to which SSL-enabled clients may connect. The convenience of having a transparent channel allows nearly any protocol that can run over TCP to run over SuperSSL. This extends SSL security to server software that is not natively SSL-enabled to communicate with a SSL-enabled client!

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