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Stay-Linked VoiceWedge

Stay-Linked VoiceWedge for Voice-Enabled Terminal Emulation

Voice-Enabled Terminal Emulation—Quickly, Easily, and Affordably

Stay-Linked Version 9.1 features the addition of two new powerful Host APIs that allow you to voice-enable any 5250/3270, VT100/220 or SSHv2 Terminal Emulation screen application. Adding voice-driven input/output capabilities to enhance user productivity for data collection processing no longer needs to be a complicated, difficult and time-consuming undertaking.

Key benefits include:

  • Rules-based Speech Recognition = user-independent device usage
  • Intuitive Host APIs = ease and simplicity of application integration/development
  • Multi-Modal Input/Output = voice plus scanning, keyboard entry and screen display
  • Voice-Enhanced TE = alternative to rigid, stand-alone “Voice-Picking” systems

Add voice as an additional form of data input/output.

In addition to the scanner, keyboard and screen display, Stay-Linked’s new Voice-Enhanced TE Host APIs allow you to selectively add voice as an alternate form of data input/output for specific terminal emulation screens, or even specific fields, when using a voice-capable terminal for data collection.

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The difference is in our architecture:

  • On the device – Stay-Linked thin-client software seamlessly interfaces with CTG’s CTGTALK™ best-of-breed software for “Speech to Text”, “Text to Speech” input/ output data collection and conversion. CTGTALK (available separately) is a Stay-Linked Validated™ solution.
  • On the host – Two new Host APIs have been added to provide dynamic voice-enhancing integration directly within any Terminal Emulation screen application.
  • Centrally managed – All terminal emulation sessions and device settings are maintained on the host computer and centrally managed using the Stay-Linked Administrator console. Stay-Linked’s fully integrated Mobile Device Management is also available.

VoiceWedge is included in Stay-Linked v9.1 at no additional cost. Just add CTGTALK for voice-driven terminal emulation. Quickly, easily, and affordably.

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