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Stay-Linked Terminal Emulation

Stay-Linked's Thin-Client & Host-Based Terminal Emulation

Thin-Client and Host-Based Terminal Emulation with Advanced Terminal Session Management

Stay-Linked Terminal Emulation was built from the ground up for wireless environments. Telnet/SSH emulation sessions remain on the Host, where IT (Information Technology) belongs—safe and secure from harsh wireless environments. Stay-Linked thin client software residing on wireless remote devices sends data entered on each device to the Host, where it is used by the Host-resident application. The resulting emulation screen change is then returned from the Host to the remote device. In essence, workers “remote control” the applications instead of having “fat apps” distributed throughout the enterprise. It just makes sense.

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General Features for Stay-Linked Terminal Emulation

  • Stay-Linked Server software runs natively on the most reliable platforms, including IBM iSeries, pSeries and xSeries, HP-UX, Sun, SCO, Linux and Windows Servers
  • Supports IBM 5250/3270, VT220/100/420/52 and SSHv2 terminal emulation
  • Stay-Linked Thin Clients are available for a wide range of popular wireless devices from LXE, Symbol/Motorola, Intermec, HHP, PSC, Psion-Teklogix, and others – not limited to one device manufacturer
  • Supports many legacy DOS-based wireless devices (Telxon 960SL, Intermec Anatares, PSC Falcon, etc.) due to thin client design not requiring extensive CPU and memory resources on the device
  • Stay-Linked Host API for dynamic seamless integration with host screen applications
  • Option for “dual session” – running two different sessions (same or other host, same or other application, same or other emulation type) at the same time on the same device with a hot-key to switch between (e.g., Alt-S)

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