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Stay-Linked Security

Stay-Linked Security for Secure Communications

Built-in security with flexibility to work within any network security scheme.

  • Thin-client design means no telnet is broadcast over the wireless network—telnet remains on the host
  • Firewall-Friendly communications architecture
    (Port restrictions and Static NAT Configuration for Servers. NAT friendly connections for Clients)
  • Native, proprietary, end-to-end, application layer encryption technology (optional)
    (Dynamic-Symmetric 64-bit key, Stream-Cipher Symmetric Encryption Algorithm)
  • Blowfish encryption provides Data layer security to supplement Network layer security – no clear text (optional)
  • Thin Client design and Client2Host™ protocol keeps all Telnet and SSHv2 communication local to the host – secure and not transmitted over the network
  • Support for SSHv2 host session connectivity in addition to Telnet at no additional charge
  • App Lock-Down mode for restricting access to other applications on Windows-based devices
  • Compatible with all popular network architectures and platforms allowing “port-filtering” or “access list” definitions to be applied at the network switch or smart AP level to restrict host access from wireless devices to Stay-Linked UDP/IP transmissions on specific UDP ports

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