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Stay-Linked Administrator

Stay-Linked Administrator for Advanced Terminal Session Management

Advanced Terminal Session Management (ATSM)
Included with Terminal Emulation Licenses

An integral part of the Stay-Linked solution is the Stay-Linked Administrator, a powerful GUI-based console which can be installed on any network-connected Windows-based computer.

Any network-connected Windows-based computer can access the password-protected Administrator, and can manage the same host-based terminal sessions the end user is seeing on his screen. Flawlessly.

The Stay-Linked Administrator allows Advanced Terminal Session Management (ATSM), with the following features and functionality (click for more info):

  • Monitor, Take Control, Share, Transfer, or Partner wireless terminal user sessions
  • Send text messages to wireless terminal users
  • Send files to/retrieve files from wireless terminal devices
  • Automated client software deployment to wireless terminal devices
  • Re-boot wireless terminal devices
  • Re-start client software on wireless terminal devices
  • Execute commands or run remote programs on wireless terminal devices
  • Run “Radio Stats” and “Echo Test” diagnostics on wireless terminal devices
  • Configure and enforce wireless terminal settings and session behavior
  • Stay-Linked API to control wireless terminals from end-user applications

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