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Rocket Terminal Engine

Rocket Terminal Engine

The GSW Rocket Terminal Engine boosts performance, increases reliability, and adds features that allow you to maximize your investment in SAPConsole.

The GSW Rocket Terminal Engine is an add-on component for SAPConsole that boosts performance and includes powerful features needed to achieve operational objectives in demanding commercial and industrial environments.

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The GSW Rocket Terminal Engine Sets a New Performance Standard!

What is the Rocket Terminal Engine?

  • The Rocket Terminal Engine is a HIGH Performance replacement for the SAPConsole VTIO Terminal Engine.

Why do I need a replacement?

  • Performance, Savings and Features!

Sounds like sales talk, what do you mean?

  • The benefits are truly outstanding!


  • Very Large number of sessions with expected performance
  • (When used with the GSW Telnet/SSH2 Server)
  • Reduce the number of systems required for your application
  • Enable applications where not possible before


Reduce the number of systems required fro serve your SAPSConsole RF Application

  • Save the price of extra computers(s) hardware
  • Save the price of extra computer(s) software
  • Save the continuing maintenance cost of hardware and software


  • Automatic Logon to SAPConsole
  • Adjusted Logon screen size
  • Adjusted Logoff screen size
  • Configurable screen sizes
  • Capability to adjust the “Off screen fields” back on to the screen
  • Flexible translation of screen attributes with powerful new options not available in the SAPConsole VTIO Terminal Engine
  • Increased Reliability of SAPConsole
  • Full support for SAPConsole Profiles
  • Full Support for SAPConsole BELL featurea

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