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RF FormMaker

RF FormMaker

RF FormMaker greatly simplifies and speeds up application development. The time consuming, complicated, low-level work normally required for Form and Control handling for Windows Consoles is eliminated when using RF FormMaker.

With FormMaker the programmer can create navigation structures, labels, input/output fields and other useful controls necessary to provide an efficient high quality user interface. The colors and attributes of Forms and Controls are configurable allowing a quick way of producing themes. RF FormMaker is straightforward to use and is easy to integrate with your application

RF FormMaker takes care of the creation of forms, controls, adding controls to forms, setting initial data, running the forms, and handling all user interaction with the form. When terminal events (enter key, OK, Cancel) occur then RF FormMaker provides the capability to retrieve the data of interest.

When used with GSW Mobile Clients additional features such as Stylus/Mouse, additional Function Keys, Alt Key support, file transfers, Answerback text and much more are available.

Since RF FormMaker is available for Microsoft Visual Basic, resellers and developers can rapidly create applications for their customers. Additionally companies with moderately technical staff will be able to develop applications to meet in-house needs. Testing and debugging is performed in the normal way that Visual Studio developers are familiar with.

RF FormMaker is an ActiveX object and is expected to operate with languages that support ActiveX objects including Delphi, Java etc

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