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Password Guard

Password Guard

GSW Password Guard – Transparently monitor, obtain, sort, view, print and export all passwords on your Windows NT/2000/XP system!

Skip those unsupported underground “Password Cracker” programs.
Get the … Georgia SoftWorks Windows NT Password Guard

The Password Guard provides system administrators with password monitoring control never before experienced on Windows NT! The Password Guard is a tool for system administrators who need advanced and immediate password monitoring capabilities in highly secure environments.

If maximum security is critical for you then the Georgia SoftWorks Windows NT Password Guard is the answer. The NT Password Guard allows the system administrator to keep a log of all passwords on the system and is completely transparent to the user.

  • Immediate access to User Passwords
  • Encrypted historical database of passwords maintained
  • Monitor age of each users password
  • Know exactly when passwords are changed
  • Filter Password database on Dates, User ID’s and more!
  • Export Passwords in comma delimited ASCII text

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