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OpenAir Windows

OpenAir Windows

Ideal for bringing Intel-based Windows applications to networks of wireless terminals, Connect’s OpenAir Windows networking solution is a SoftNCU for installation on existing network servers. Check out these features:

Simplified pricing : All advanced features are included in a single product. Industry-leading network analysis tools: Connect pioneered the use of advanced network monitoring and diagnostics in wireless systems. Others can only imitate. Application development: OpenAir Windows is included when you purchase airlinc, our highly sophisticated application development toolset.
Soft Solution: Our OpenAir Windows choice is the perfect cost-effective solution when an existing application server is available to take on the task of network control unit. Maximum performance: The largest, busiest wireless networks in the world employ PowerNet because of the array of built-in optimizations that reduce data traffic to a minimum, permitting the highest terminal counts at the best response times. Complete suite of application interfaces: ActiveX Win32 DLL Console
True Open System Architecture: Connect supports more terminal and wireless network products than anyone in the industry. Only Connect customers are prepared to migrate gracefully to new products and technologies as they become available. Migration Path: Many proprietary systems nearing obsolescence can upgrade to PowerNet while still preserving the existing terminal and network equipment. Remote Administration :The administrative interface is browser compatible, allowing for remote administration and support.

Telnet terminal emulation: VT100, VT220, HP700/92, TN5250, and TN3270

Connectivity: OpenAir Windows can be configured to support a wide range of host networks, and it can support them concurrently. This feature makes it possible to support a variety of application servers in a way that is transparent to the user.

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