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NiceLabel Suite

NiceLabel Suite - Label Design Software by Niceware International

Nicelabel Suite is fully-featured, modular label design software for multiple integration and professional printing requirements. The suite version of Nicelabel provides multiple modules including a special print-only module, and a custom data-entry form design.  Niceware developed multiple modules to allow users to create simplified and error free label printing processes. Nicelabel Suite also allows for custom printing applications to be extended to mobile devices providing additional flexibility beyond desktop terminals.

Niceware designed a truly robust label design software by allowing for non-programming connectivity options. This allows users to integrate labeling into multiple environments, from software applications to various hardware devices without changing the host application.

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Multiple Modules for Simplified Label Design and Printing

A wide range of modules and options make NiceLabel Suite easy-to-use. These modules and options are listed below including a wizard driven tool for any labeling requirement, including RFID, compliance labeling and more.

NiceForm – Generates customizable input forms with advanced features such as database connectivity, label preview and linked forms. Generated forms are used as stand-alone Windows applications and do not require additional training.

NicePrint – Prints pre-designed labels in a simple and efficient application. Niceprint provides a pre-designed NiceForm type application to allow users to create labels once and print anywhere on the network.

NiceWatch – Automates printing in multi-operating system or complex application environments (Unix, AS/400, Host, ERP, WMS etc.)  When it is not possible to write program code using automation commands, NiceWatch is a data detection module that provides a solution by acting as middle-ware on a Windows-based PC.

NiceData – Manages Databases by allowing users to create and edit database tables and import data from text files.  NiceData allows users to maintain database information in a easy organized fashion.

NicePrintQueue – Manages Print Jobs and allows users to monitor real-time status of all network and local printers.  Also allows user to migrate jobs between printers easily with simple drag and drop actions to improve efficiency.

NiceMemMaster – Downloads TrueType fonts and graphics to a printer’s internal memory and allows other applications to use selected graphics and fonts, improving printing performance.

Pocket NiceLabel – enables Windows CE compatible computers and terminals to print labels on any thermal printer supported by NiceLabel printer drivers.

SAP R/3 Printing – NiceLabel label design formats can be exported to SAP Script compatible files and uploaded to an SAP R/3 system. Labels can be printed from the SAP application without further interaction with NiceLabel.

***NiceLabel Suite includes NiceLabel Pro – fully-featured Label Design Software.***

NiceLabel Standard Series Options

NiceLabel Suite, Pro, and Express are all a part of the NiceLabel Standard Series by Niceware.  This chart will help and video will help you determine which option is best for your application.

NiceLabel Version Label
Integration and
Suite 5 5 4 3
Pro 5 3 3 3
Express 2 2 N/A N/A

NiceLabel Series Comparison: A scale of 1-5 shows the level of recommendation of each version per application.

Introduction to NiceLabel Series Video by Niceware International

View the PDF below for additional information on NiceLabel Suite provided by Niceware

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