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NiceLabel Pro

NiceLabel Pro Bar Code and RFID Label Software

NiceLabel Pro is advanced bar code and RFID label design software developed by Niceware International.  NiceLabel Pro includes complete database support, document and user security, as well as multiple integration options. NiceLabel Pro is a powerful, easy-to-use tool for any bar code and RFID label printing requirement.

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NiceLabel Pro Label Design Software Features

Powerful Label Design and Standard Easy to Use Environment – Includes a full-featured set of label design Wizards to allow users to easily and quickly create labels.  Label templates can be designed by combing Windows and printer fonts, bar codes, graphic files, and drawing elements.  Multiple design tools allow for a flexible user interface that conforms to the latest Windows standards and helps users create labels quickly and accurately.

Bar Code and Compliance Labeling Support – Supports all industry standard bar codes, including 2D and provides multiple options to meet compliance requirements including pre-designed templates and automatic bar code validation tools.  NiceLabel allows users to quickly and easily address all existing and future compliance labeling issues.  BCI has much experience in compliance labeling and is always available to offer support as well.

RFID Smart Label Design and Print – Combines RFID tag programming with label printing.  NiceLabel Pro allows for easy configuration of RFID tag data structure and printing and allows users to program RFID smart labels as a traditional label is being printed.  Same data that is printed on the label can be easily programmed to the tag as is passes the print head.

Data Processing Options – Provides special data-processing features such as linked fields, advanced serialization options, and arithmetical functions.  Visual Basic Scripting support is included. String, algorithmic and other functions are always available.

Comprehensive Database Support – Includes a user-friendly Database Wizard to guide users through standard operations including manual record selection and complete database printing.  Has built-in data query builder and allows advanced users to write their own SQL commands.  Also provides standard support for text files, common database types and ODBC drivers.  High-performance native drivers are also available for enterprise databases where increased data extraction speed is important, such as Oracle, MS SQL, AS/400, etc.

Advanced Printing Control – Includes NicePrintQueue Module which is a print job manager that allows users to check the real-time status of all network and local printers.  Also allows for print jobs to be easily transferred between printers with drag and drop action.

A Wealth of Integration Options – Allows for seamless integration to enterprise applications such as ERP, WMS, Microsoft Office, inventory management software and much more.  There are a variety of options available to meet the requirements of any system.  Including Command Files, Command Line Options, and ActiveZ (Automation) Programming Interface.

NiceLabel Standard Series Options

NiceLabel Pro, Suite, and Express are all a part of the NiceLabel Standard Series.  This chart will help and video will help determine which option is best various applications.

NiceLabel Version Label
Integration and
Suite 5 5 4 3
Pro 5 3 3 3
Express 2 2 N/A N/A

NiceLabel Series Comparison: A scale of 1-5 shows the level of recommendation of each version per application.

NiceLabel Pro is included in the NiceLabel Suite Version.

NiceLabel Pro includes 3 Modules:

  • NicePrintQueue
  • NiceData
  • NiceMemMaster

(Modules are explained on NiceLabel Suite Page in detail)

Introduction to NiceLabel Series Video by Niceware International

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