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NiceLabel Express

NiceLabel Express Basic Label Design Software

NiceLabel Express is basic bar code label design software by Niceware International.  This software is perfect for entry-level professional label design.  Express includes many design elements from the professional version with a focus on simplified user interaction.  NiceLabel Express has limited support for variable fields and external data import functions.

Designing labels with NiceLabel Express is fast and easy with user-friendly Wizards and shortcuts. It includes all basic label design tools and support for prompted fields, serialization, date/time stamps and all standard bar code types, including 2-D and EAN.UCC 128. Data from external sources can be extracted from MS Excel or ASCII text files using a built-in Database Wizard.

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Has a 5 Labels per print event limitation

NiceLabel Standard Series Options

NiceLabel Pro, Suite, and Express are all a part of the NiceLabel Standard Series.  This chart will help and video will help determine which option is best various applications.

NiceLabel Version Label
Integration and
Suite 5 5 4 3
Pro 5 3 3 3
Express 2 2 N/A N/A

NiceLabel Series Comparison: A scale of 1-5 shows the level of recommendation of each version per application.

Introduction to NiceLabel Series Video by Niceware International

View the PDF below for additional information on NiceLabel Express provided by Niceware

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