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Motorola AirDefense

Wireless LAN Management Software Motorola AirDefense

Motorola understands the varying needs and works with enterprises in targeted industries that require specific wireless security monitoring and management solutions including retail, healthcare, education, government and financial services. As the market leader and innovator of 24×7 RF monitoring solutions, Motorola offers a vendor-agnostic system that provides the most advanced wireless security monitoring, multi-vendor wireless lan security infrastructure management and network assurance and remote troubleshooting solutions, to enable reliable and risk-free wireless LANs.

The AirDefense Services Platform is the industry’s first comprehensive service oriented platform that can be leveraged by enterprise IT to dramatically reduce the TCO and achieve quicker ROI from their WLAN. The platform provides organizations with a cost effective and simplified way to fully customize their wireless security management and monitoring solutions to meet organizational needs or industry requirements.

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Wireless Security & Compliance

Motorola AirDefense provides organizations with industry-leading WLAN security and network management solutions.  AirDefense solutions satisfy regulatory audit requirements, provide 24/7 monitoring, simplify management of multi-vendor network deployments and remotely troubleshoot network performance.

The Security & Compliance Solutions help protect from costly security breaches and prevent lost revenue and productivity from network downtime, and offer a cost-effective way to meet regulatory security audit requirements.

Wireless Infrastructure Management and Network Assurance

The Infrastructure Management Solution allows organizations to centrally control and monitor WLAN infrastructure across multiple device types and multiple vendors, providing consistency in configuration, compliance with policies, while reducing device and model specific expertise required by network administrators. Instead of managing multiple systems, administrators have a centralized management console to control wireless infrastructure.

The Network Assurance Suite includes analysis tools that allow organizations to proactively optimize wireless LAN performance as well as remotely troubleshoot RF problems.


  • Single UI-based platform for wireless security monitoring, management and troubleshooting
  • Best-of-breed wireless security monitoring with comprehensive intrusion protection and automated threat mitigation
  • Multi-vendor wireless infrastructure management solution on a simplified, UI based single console
  • First remote network analysis and troubleshooting solutions leveraging existing Motorola sensor deployment
  • Most cost effective way to comply with PCI and other regulatory compliance requirements
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