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The Georgia SoftWorks Windows NT IOBlaster provides Port Input Output functions for C/C++, Visual C++ and Visual Basic for Windows NT 4.0 that are equivalents to the inp,inpw, inpd,outp,outpw and outpd family of functions The IOBlaster is a tool for people that need to perform Port I/O under Window NT without having to learn to write DEVICE DRIVERS (DDK).

The documentation contains C and Visual Basic examples!

Click to view the documentation (web page)

Click to download the Users Guide in Word 2000 format

  • Do you need to perform NT Port I/O but writing a device driver is overkill?
  • Do you have boards that do not have NT Drivers and you want to prolong their life?
  • Are you familiar with the inp/outp functions and need to have NT equivalents?
  • Do you need to migrate existing DOS applications that use direct Port I/O to NT?
  • Are you a HW Engineer that wants to us C/C++ or Visual Basic to test boards for NT?

If so, then get the Georgia SoftWorks Windows NT IOBlaster.

Save more than the cost of the product the first time you use it!

Royalty Free runtime distribution !

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