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Industrial Grade Browser optimized for RF Terminals, Barcode Scanners and other Data Collection Devices

Finally a browser for your devices that satisfies your requirements.

  • Up to 5 Browsers with quick swap tabs for the user
  • Maximize Screen area for the user
  • LOCK-DOWN so the user can focus on their application because they are limited to the application you specified.
  • Enable/Disable distinct UT components to customize the browser for your application, eliminating unnecessary and confusing clutter
  • Distinct Administrator and User Modes – Perform Admin tasks in Admin mode, User activities in User Mode.
  • Programmable objects for the developer. The developer has superior control over application development for the browser based applications.

Straightforward, easy to install, register, configure, lockdown and deploy.

Need GSWBrowse customized? We are willing to work with you!

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