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GSW Telnet Server

GSW Telnet Server

SSH / Telnet Server Important to your Business?
Don’t settle for less.
Unmatched Reliability, Features, Security and Support

The Georgia SoftWorks UTS (SSH Server and Telnet Server) for Windows is excellent with mobile devices in RFID, RF Terminal, Bar Code scanners and other data collection and wireless environments. By using SSH2/Telnet the RF Wireless Hand Held application developer is able to create more generalized applications that will easily work with a variety of manufactures’ hardware. In addition to development and maintenance cost savings for application developers, this added flexibility allows customers to utilize existing hardware in heterogeneous environments.

SSH and Telnet – the Natural Connectivity tools for RF Terminals, Bar Code Scanners and other Data Collection Devices

The type of data transferred between the client and server in data collection environments is typically simple text and small graphics. Telnet and SSH is the best choice for this data. They are nimble, lightweight, fast and reliable. Learn more about why the Telnet Server and SSH server is great with mobile devices.

Georgia SoftWorks is committed to providing the best SSH2 and Telnet solution for the RF Wireless market.

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