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ASAP Passport Stock

ASAP's Passport Stock Warehouse Inventory Tracking Software

ASAP’s Passport stock is complete bar code based and RFID ready Inventory Management Software that is user configurable and offers numerous tools for multiple inventory tracking environments and applications.  Passport Stock is effective for Warehouse Inventory Tracking, stock room management, manufacturing applications, packaging plant operations and many other Inventory Control environments.

Multiple Inventory Control Applications

Warehouse Inventory Tracking
Stock and Supply Room Management
Manufacturing; Work-in-Process, Raw Material Tracking, etc.
Facilities Management
Packaging Plants
Many more

Configurable Inventory Control Software

Print Bar Code Labels
Re-name data fields
Enable User-Defined fields
Integrated Mobile Inventory Management Software
Adjust Viewing and Functional Preferences Per User
Flexible Data Collection; Bar Code or RFID

Warehouse Slotting Software

Make your Warehouse Feel Bigger
Prevent Costly Expansion
Slotting Optimization by BCI

Flexible Inventory Tracking Software

Passport Stock is inventory management software developed for the real-world.  It has the flexibility to track different inventory types by different Inventory Tracking methods.  If you company X has product A that require more detailed inventory tracking method than product B then ASAP Product Stock can provide a solution.  Company X can use ASAP Passport Stock to track Product A with Serialized Inventory Tracking methods, while maintaining a Standard inventory tracking method for Product B.  Passport Stock provided enhanced inventory management and inventory control.

Track different Inventory Types with different Inventory Tracking methods!

Standard Inventory Tracking – Record items by Location, Stock Number, and Quantity.
Batch-Lot Inventory Tracking – Includes Date Codes, Lot Codes, and Expiration Dates
Serialized Inventory Tracking – Individually tag and track items with ID number or Serial Number, and quantity.

ASAP Passport Stock provides efficient and cost effective warehouse inventory tracking and control.  Whether you are tracking food, medical supplies, recalls, production material, or other items ASAP Passport stock provides improved operational efficiencies and a high ROI for numerous inventory control applications.


Improved Accountability
Superior Inventory Control
Definite ROI and Cost Savings
-Reduced Inventory levels
-Reduced Errors
-Eliminate Unexpected Inventory Shortages
-Reduced Labor
>Less Time for Pick/Put-Away Procedures
>Reduce Time for Physical Inventory
-Rapid Payback of System Cost


Receiving/Shipping Inventory Tracking
Global and Local Inventory Tracking
Maintain Supplier Information
Track Standard Inventory Cost
Automatic Re-Order Quantity
Physical Inventory or Cycle Count
Use Cabled or Mobile Scanners
Manage Kits & Assemblies
Generate Management Reports
Menu Driven Inventory Management Software

Available Modules for ASAP Passport Stock

ASAP Systems designed Passport Stock with the ability to add-on additional modules in order allow for easier customization of their inventory management software and provide enhanced inventory control.  Below is a list of available add-on modules for Passport Stock.  Modules may be included in standard Passport Stock License; any add additional modules that are not included are not required in-order for Passport Stock to function. 

View the PDF below for more information from ASAP Systems about their Inventory Management Software

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