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Temperature Controlled Enclosures

Temperature Controlled NEMA Enclosures for Wireless Equipment

NEMA rated enclosures are available with temperature controlled features.  You can find enclosures built with a cooler, heater, or both. In the pictures above a enclosure with a cooling unit is displayed.

For enclosures with heaters the heater is typically placed underneath the mounting plate and is hidden from view. BCI has typically utilized these types of NEMA enclosures for environments that are wet, dusty, or corrosive and commonly reach temperatures out side of the normal operating range for wireless equipment.

Part number

Installed Heater Kit for heating enclosure system – Heater system is thermostatically controlled and will automatically turn on or off at 40F and 80F.

Outside Dims: 12 x 10 x 6

Single Power Recepticle Included

Low Maintenance

The engineered thermoplastic enclosures have dramatically better impact resistance. For example, the SP-NEMA-IOM has an impact resistance of over 900 lb/in, while fiberglass typically has an impact resistance of less than 220 lb/in.

Mounting Plate works Motorola (Symbol), Cisco, and many others.

Made in the USA.

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