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RJS D4000C

RJS Inspector D4000 Auto Optic and Laser Scanner Combo

The RJS Inspector D4000 can interface with three different bar code scanning head attachments:

  • Auto Optic (Left object in picture)
  • Laser (right object in picture)
  • SP (object attached to the top of the D4000 in picture)

You can purchase the D4000 with one of your desired scan heads or as a combo with the Auto Optic and hand held laser.

  • ISO 15416 and ANSI X3.182 verification method with Auto Optic
  • Point and Shoot traditional verification with Laser Scanner or SP attachment
  • Auto Optic offers four aperture sizes and two light wavelength options
  • Automatically discriminates between all popular symbologies
  • Bidirectional scanning
  • Traditional analysis is also provided

Part number

The RJS Inspector D4000 is available with several different attachment options listed below.We are happy to assist you selecting the best bar code verifier for your needs feel free to call or request help today.

Part Number Description MSRP Your Price!
002-7848 Inspector D4000 Combo (3,6,10,20 mil Auto Optic and Laser)
(North America**)
$3465.00 Quote
002-7847 Inspector D4000 Combo (3,5,10,20 mil Auto Optic and Laser)
$3465.00 Quote
002-7850 Inspector D4000 Auto Optic (3,6,10,20 mil)* (North America**) $2645.00 Quote
002-7849 Inspector D4000 Auto Optic (3,5,10,20 mil)* (Europe**) $2645.00 Quote
002-7851 Inspector D4000 Laser $2645.00 Quote
002-7845 Inspector D4000 SP (Laser) $2545.00 Quote

**The 5 mil sizing is more popular in Europe because it is closer to the metric sizing. The 6mil option is more popular in North America**

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