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Model 10 Laser Bar Code Scanner

Model 10 Laser Bar Code Scanner

Another high performance Accu-Sort line scanner, combines impressive optical performance with useful electrical features in an extremely compact, rugged housing.

With its advanced optical design, the Model 10 can handle almost any line scanning application. A wide scan angle coupled with powerful A/D circuitry provides an extremely large performance envelope for any given bar code.

The Model 10’s rugged, NEMA 4 (I.P. 65) rated die cast zinc enclosure, small size, zero-clearance cable exit, and versatile mounting brackets combine to make mounting a breeze.

Two solid-state current limited internal relays are included for good-read/no-read or custom outputs, and a signal strength bar graph meter provides at-a-glance checks on the status of the unit.

Other useful features include external pushbutton diagnostics, fault-tolerant inputs and outputs, and a functional block diagram on the bottom of the unit to ease in installation.

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Part Numbers

  • 300 scans per second
  • Signal strength bar graph meter displays scanner performance
  • Windows-based configuration software helps get your scanner on line in a hurry
  • Stainless steel mounting brackets and conversion kits for competitive products
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