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IS8000 Series HoloTrak

IS8000 Series HoloTrak

HoloTrak scanners incorporate holographic technology that enables the projection of a large, dense scan pattern virtually unattainable by traditional scanners. These fixed position scanners deliver unprecedented performance in applications such as order fulfillment, returns processing, shipping and receiving, and work-in-process.

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Holographic scanning technology:  Generates large and aggressive scanning field

Holographic omnidirectional scanning:  Scans skewed bar codes in any orientation

HoloDisc – reliable optical design:  Spinning disc optics greatly extends life of the scanner

HoloTunnel-multi-sided scanning:  Linked units easily read codes on multiple sides of objects

Holo-Presentation mode:  Automate operator processes with hands-free scanning

Partner: Honeywell

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