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Intrinsically Safe Enclosures

Intrinsically Safe Enclosures for Wireless Hardware in Hazardous Environments

Intrinsically Safe encloses (commonly called Explosion-proof enclosures) are designed to house electrical hardware in locations where hazardous materials are handled or stored. These enclosures may be used to house WiFi or radio devices, control stations, starters, breakers, relays, meters, terminals for splicing wires, pull box, bus box or control panel. BCI can get a variety of different enclosures but most frequently uses units to house wireless access points for infrastructure installations we complete for our clients.

BCI enjoys using SPARCO (PCTEL) enclosures as they are rugged, easy to ship, and easy to install. See the documentation below for additional information.

Part number

Quality Enclosures – The intrinsically safe enclosures use sand-cast copper-free aluminum.  The Cover Bolts and Hinges are stainless steel.  The enclosures require low maintenance and come with pre-drilled antenna and cable entry points (standard configuration is 4 antenna and 2 power/network entry points). Each shipment includes Mounting Feet for easy field installation.

Inside Dims: 14 x 10 x 6 in.

Outside Dims: 18.50 x 14.50 x 8.44 in.

Shipping weight: 60lbs.

Made in the USA.

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