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Accu-Sort Axiom-X

Accu-Sort Systems Axiom-X Omni-Directional, Laser Bar Code Scanner

A Smaller…Faster…and more accurate laser bar code scanner!

The AXIOM™ line of bar code scanning system solutions are designed with industrial and manufacturing auto-identification applications in mind. The AXIOM-X™ laser bar code scanner is Accu-Sort’s new compact omni-directional reader. Housed in a rugged IP54-rated enclosure, AXIOM-X offers high-speed laser bar code scanning up to 1120 scans per second capable of handling the most demanding auto-identification applications.

All AXIOM-X omni-directional laser bar code scanners require a wiring base and plug-in scan head. The scan head is available in six versions; three for high-speed bar code scanning in fast moving applications.

Sophisticated technology that’s easy to use

Although technologically advanced, AXIOM-X omni-directional laser bar code system is designed for easy setup and operation. AXCESS™ software provides a familiar user interface, enabling reader setup without the need for on-site service. Simply connect to AXIOM-X via setup cable or on-board Ethernet connection. Specify valid bar codes, groups, and patterns. Define your I/O—including built-in trigger and tach signals and up to four solid state relays. When complete, download the application settings to the reader and you’re ready to go.

Built-in Parameter Storage Modules retain the operating parameters in both the scan head and wiring base. In the event replacement ever becomes necessary, just replace the scan head, and the correct parameters are installed with the push of a button.

Flexible connectivity...including built-in EtherNet/IP

Use AXCESS to configure and monitor your AXIOM-X omni-directional bar code scanning system from anywhere in your facility! The AXIOM-X provides several bar code data transfer options including: UDP messaging, operation as a TCP/IP client or server, and EtherNet/IP.

These features, along with comprehensive real-time performance monitors, make the AXIOM-X the leading laser bar code scanning system solution in its class.

Part Numbers

  • Highest read performance
  • Largest coverage
  • Lowest cost of ownership
  • Fastest installation
  • Easy “plug-and-play” replacement
  • No maintenance
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