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Accu-Sort AV6010

Accu-Sort’s AV6010 Long-Range Fixed Scanner and Imaging Camera

The AV6010 is a high-speed camera based long-range fixed bar code scanner produced by Accu-Sort. With efficient imaging technology and reliable performace the AV6010 is another product from Accu-Scan that is a great fit for almost any fixed scanning solution.

Common Fixed Scanning Applications for the AV6010

  • Parcel and Postal Logistics
  • Retail/wholesale distribution
  • Warehouse and Mail Order Logistics
  • Multisided Tunnel Arrays (see video below)

AV6010 = Low Cost of Ownership

  • Very Reliable with over 75,000 hours of operation at 50°C
  • Virus-free operating system
  • Redundant networking scheme translates to no single point of failure.
  • Scan Tunnels can be installed in 1 day!
  • Integrated dimensioning (optional)

Part number

Highest Read Rates:

  • Read rate 99.9% for Grade A quality labels
  • Image capture for OCR needs

Easiest to Use and Maintain:

  • Simple cabling – Multiple devices can connect with a single RJ45 cable
  • Modular Design – multiple standard replaceable components that can be changed with a screwdriver or other basic tools.
  • Quick Repair  – Average of 10-15 min per repair
  • Filter-less cooling eliminates maintenance needs

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